The Happiness Projec Leisure and Wellness Plan for Three Life Stages Paper

In Part One, you experimented with wellness and leisure activities as suggested by The Happiness Project and other sources, then evaluated their impact on your happiness and well-being. (I have done this and file is provided, so please read that part 1 first then do the part 2.)

In Part Two, you will develop your own personalized approach to wellness through leisure. Your plan should be framed through the lens of your own cultural experiences: Your gender, ethnic and cultural identity, stage of life, socioeconomic status, educational background, as well as where you live will all influence your world view, wellness, choices, and needs. ( 25 years old male, you can make up other information though.)


  • APA format: View the sample paper at Purdue Owl. Below is also a video that reviews how to correctly format an APA-style paper.
  • Style: 12 point font, page numbers, double-spaced, Times New Roman.
  • Introduction: Purpose, and a description of your cultural framework (1 page)
  • Research: Life Stages, Stressors and Strategies (3 pages). Organize your paper chronologically. Review the course materials and supplementary academic literature you have sourced and describe the potential stressors and most effective strategies for experiencing optimal wellness in this life stage according to research. Be cognizant of role restraints you might have at different times of your life. ( i.e. Being a parent, taking care of parents as they age.) If you have already passed a life stage (ex: you are 30 and you’re describing the 20s) identify the stressors you experienced and strategies you wish you had used, or those you found effective. Your recommendations and potential stresses should be based not only on your personal opinion and experience, but substantiated through cited research and sources.
  • Conclusion: Resource List (1 page)
  • List 3 LOCAL RESOURCES TO WHERE YOU LIVE that will help you accomplish your goals or handle life stressors (i.e., parenting groups, exercise clubs, 12 step programs, church/community resources, etc.) BE CREATIVE! Be specific.

  • References: must have a minimum of 3 journals, 3 online sources, 1 book or combination thereof. You may use the textbook or any class materials in your references. – 7 references total. Make sure the References page is correctly formatted.
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