The Healing of America Health Care System Book Reading Reflection

Remember, this is not a research paper, book review or a book report. It is a reading reflection.

The question prompts for this reflection are generic and are not specific to the selected book or topic. They are, in fact, the kinds of questions you should be thinking about as you read any serious writing, as these questions give you an opportunity to reflect on and carefully think about what you are reading. Don’t just carelessly jot things down to “get it done!” If you honestly think about and answer these questions, it will help you make sense of the material. Learning is not about memorizing a lot of independent facts. It is about making a network of connections between concepts, starting with linking new concepts and the things you already know, and these questions are designed to help you do that. Try these questions when you have reading assignments in other classes as well—you might be surprised by how much it helps!

Like everything you produce in this class (and in life!), presentation counts. Proper English, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar, is important. However, these aren’t formal essays, so you don’t need to think about multi-paragraph structure and “thesis statements” and that sort of thing. Write clearly so that what you want to say comes through, and make your points in a logical way, but that’s the only requirement that I impose on “structure.” Remember, this is not a research paper, book review or a book report. It is a reading reflection. However, if you choose to include direct quotes or material from your chosen book, you may use whatever citation format you are most familiar with (MLA, APA)

The six question prompts for the reading reflection are given below:
1. What are the main points of this reading (focus on concepts, ideas, and theme; not on individual facts)?
2. Was anything unclear or confusing to you?
3. What was new to you, and did it change the way you think about or perceive things?
4. Was there anything you would like to explore further or find out more about?
5. Describe at least one connection between the reading and topics from outside class (other classes, news stories you’ve seen, etc.)?
6. Give at least one specific example of an aspect or experience in your personal life that is related to this reading.

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