The Role of Exercise in Stress Management discussion

stress essay instructions:

Please write a 3/4-1 page essay about your current stressors and the tools you use or would like to use for stress management. You may also include the role (or lack there-of) exercise/physical activity has played in helping you manage stress. What has been your relationship with stress in the past and how has it affected your wellbeing? How could you manage stress better moving foward?

in the attachment there is the reference paper that you will need to write this essay.


current exercise essay instructions:

Please write a 3/4-1 page essay about your current exercise routine and what type of periodization could you implement to promote healthy progression. What did you learn from the article? How can you use periodization now to promote exercise progression? If you have prior knowledge what type of periodization did you follow and why? How did periodizing your program affect your end results or How would you like periodization to affect your end results? What challenges might periodizing your program create?

the following web link has the reference article that you will need to write this essay.…


the format of the essays:

These are college essays/papers and should be written using the following format:

Have at least three paragraphs (an introduction, a body, and a conclusion).

Set margins to 1″ from the top and bottom, and the sides.

Make the paper double-spaced.

Use a common 12-point font.

AT LEAST 250 WORDS OF CONTENT (full one page)

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