Translating research into practice

1. Discuss the basic principles of data interpretation used to translate research outcomes into practice. What are common barriers to translating research outcomes into practice? Describe any barriers you may anticipate as you plan to translate the results of your own quality improvement project into practice. (My Quality improvement project is: Developing a bladder training and timed-voiding program to help in decreasing unassisted bathroom related falls in stroke patients)

2. What types of articles or resources are you planing to use to help you with your data interpretation for your quality improvement project?

3. Select a journal in which you would be interested in having your research published. (I would select Journal of advanced nursing) Review the author guidelines on the Journal for Nurse Practitioners (JNP) website and answer the following questions. How could author guidelines be beneficial to your practice?

4. Publishing your information is important for the nursing community. As a nursing profession we should be publishing more research and change related projects to help out the nursing profession as a whole. Discuss who you plan on recruiting to help you with geting your article published?

Please answer each of 4 questions with at least 150 words! Cite journal article published within last 5 years as reference.

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