Umiker’s Managements Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor –

Harry Jones, maintenance supervisor, was troubled about mechanic Dan Wilson. Harry considered Dan a good mechanic based on Dan’s consistently good work on completing his preventive maintenance task
and his success with tough repair jobs. The problem was Dan’s apparent lack of motivation to do more or better; he did exactly as told, then waited to be told what to do next. If he had no specific
assignment to go to next when he finished a job, he took a prolonged break until Harry found him a new assignment.
Harry’s frustration got the better of him one day when a small plumbing problem got out of hand and became a large problem. He knew Dan must have seen the leak because it was right next to his most
recent assignment, but when Harry asked why he had done nothing about the leak, Dan answered, “Plumbing’s not part of my job.”
Harry said, “You could at least have reported it.”
Dan said, “There’s nothing in my job description about reporting anything. I stick to my job description.”
“Dan, you’re a good mechanic, but you never extend yourself, never reach out to help without being told.”
“I’m not paid to extend myself. You’re the boss, and I do what you tell me.”
Harry responded, “I know, and you always do it right. But I know you’re capable of doing more. For some reason or other you’re not working up to your capabilities.
Dan shrugged. “I do what I’m told, and if it isn’t in the job description, I don’t have to do it.”
Put yourself in Harry’s position and consider some possible ways of dealing with Dan. Enumerate a few steps that might recommend to Harry in an effort to get Dan to perform more in line with his

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