US Foreign Policy and Gulf War (1991). –

Topic: US Foreign Policy and Gulf War (1991).
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How did US Foreign Policy change as a result of the Gulf War (1991)?
In this essay, the factors and changes that emerged after the Gulf War regarding US Foreign Policy will be analyzed and discussed.
I. U.S. foreign policy history.
II. The importance of the Gulf War on U.S. foreign Policy.
III. The question of the essay and what it will answer
IV. Thesis.
I. In-depth history of U.S. foreign policy.
a. Isolationism
b. Before WWI and WWII
c. After WWII and Cold War
d. After Cold War and before Gulf War.
Foreign policy:
I. Domestic policy and U.S president.
II. Domestic policy and foreign policy intertwined.
III. G. Bush four foreign policy models
IV. B. Clinton fifth and only foreign policy model
Foreign Policy before and during Gulf War:
I. Before the changed emerged.
II. How Foreign policy was used.
III. What models did the U.S. use most.
IV. What model did the U.S. use during the war.
Foreign Policy after Gulf War:
I. The changed that resulted because of the Gulf war.
II. Why the changes occurred?
III. How did the changes occur?
IV. What was the most significant changes.
I. U.S. foreign policy before and after Gulf War.
II. How the foreign policy change.
III. Conclusion.
Side Note: All the sources have to be academic sources, and peer reviewed.

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