Violence in the media –

Violence in the media
This is a research paper for English 102 class at the college.
Once you choose your focus, create an issue question and at least 5 information questions that will guide your research as you are developing your position paper. Be sure that the main question you are addressing is an issue, not an information question. Your issue should be one that people can and do disagree about.
After you have identified your issue, written your linked questions, and spent some time finding sources and thinking about your topic, you need to start planning your paper. Your argument plan will include:
• A position statement
• Rhetorical context analysis
• Audience analysis
• A claim
• An informal outline of your paper.
Argument has to be in Rogerian or Toulmin style.
The researched argument is an 8-10 page argument examining an issue you have identified earlier in the course. Unit 3 has taken you through many of the preparatory steps for writing this paper. So far you have identified an issue which interests you, completed a working bibliography, and developed your position and a claim about your chosen issue. Please be sure to revise and edit this paper before turning it in.
In this paper, you will write your argument in response to your chosen topic. Your paper should be based on your ideas; it should not be a summary of what other people say. This is not an informational paper. This paper should develop your argument on your topic. Your paper should clearly identify your issue. It should have a clear claim and well developed reasons. It should use at least 4 appropriately cited quotes, at least 4 appropriately cited paraphrases (you may use more as needed), and a Works Cited page in MLA format.
Please note: Your paper must be more than strung together quotes and paraphrases. It should stand on its own without the quotes and paraphrases. At this point you should be working on a draft of your paper.
Each paragraph should be well developed with controlling ideas and transitions. The logic supporting your argument should be well thought out and sound. There should be a clear flow of ideas throughout your paper.
This paper should focus on your ideas and conclusions based on your research. It should be developed on your thoughts, your plan and your words. Please remember to include in-text citations to indicate any material that is borrowed. Plagiarism will result in failure of the assignment.
Other requirements:
Length: 2000-2500 words plus a Works Cited page with at 10 sources
Font: 12 point, Times New Roman, Arial or another standard font
Format: Paper should meet all academic expectations for grammar, sentence structure and style.
You must use page numbers and a standard header in MLA style
You should develop a clear, useful title.
Please list the a position statement, rhetorical context analysis, audience analysis, a claim, and an informal outline of your paper at the end of the paper ( after list of 10 work cited ).
For the writer :
If you find a better topic for the media violence research paper, you could use that as well. I am open to open to it. Thank you very much for your help.

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