Vision Lab Report –

Vision Lab Report
Academic Level: Bachelor
Paper details v
The Vision Lab will consist of two parts: 1) a cow eyeball dissection, and 2) use of computer simulations to examine visual illusions
(httpzlldragon.uml-edu/psych/illusion.html For the dissection, we will identify the main anatomical structures of the mammalian eyeball that allow us to resolve visual
information. We will complement the dissection with online understanding our ability to perceive visual information. Illusions provide us with a
non-invasive method for understanding how signal transduction in the visual system likely occurs.
I give these informations as a guideline to the Writer in order for him/her to see What I’ve done in the lab so he/she can do the report.
In the discussion/conclusion of the lab report, please talk about the most important function of the neurotransmitter in the brain. (This part has to
be well developed and 2 of the 3 sources have to be used for this part).
It has to be 4 real pages. Don’t count the “cover page” and the the “references page’

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