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What is Science
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My thesisi topic is association/ connection of digital games among teenagers of aged 13-15 to develop science identity. Please read the instructions carefully and write.
You need to think about science and what it is from different perspectives – e.g. scientific thinking, living and working. This makes me think about the three strands of science in the science curriculum (Victorian and Australian) … SCIENCE UNDERSTANDING (this could be thinking – concepts, knowledge, etc), SCIENCE INQUIRY SKILLS (this could be working … skills, processes, etc) and SCIENCE AS A HUMAN ENDEAVOUR (this could be living … e.g values, ethics, scientific literacy, etc)
To these different areas, you need to connect with what research says, what curriculum says and even links with popular media … what does this all mean in terms of how we understand/speak about science and what does it look like in practice? Is there a mismatch? It is interesting to consider the connection between science and school science here … you will find that the literature suggests there is a huge disconnect between how scientists think about and practice science and how science is learnt and practiced in schools.
You then need to be clear about what you see science as being – what is your perspective about what science is and why? How does your perspective connect (or not) with the research and the two dot points above. Then you need to be clear about how this influences/impacts your data analysis.
One way to structure this might be to look at each of the three areas and tease out what they are and how they help us to understand what science is before then having a section on your position. For example, a structure might be …
Introduction (100-200 words) – explaining how you will address this question and why
Science understanding (400-500 words)
Science inquiry skills (400-500 words)
Science as a human endeavour (400-500 words)
Your position (400-500 words)
Summary (100-200) – what does this all mean for the research/analysis?

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