what student know about sex?, biology assignment help

  1. Project: What every WVU student needs to know about sex! : Students will work in groups or individual to develop an original manual that can be utilized by college students. Each group will then develop a sectional component of the manual. Pictures, graphs, and charts should be included. Include website names and addresses germane to your section area, if utilized. References must be cited and each section should also include a reference page. The manual needs a cover page, table of contents, and a list of the authors of each section. Creativity is encouraged. Each section is graded independently and there will be an overall grade for the group project, collectively. Section grading is based on: content 70 points, grammar 5 points, form/style 5 points, creativity 10 points, references 5 points. Collective project grade-collaboration of group/s, how the manual flows together, addresses the sexual health needs of college-age students: 5 points Total 100 points. Include the attached rubric.
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