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Please follow all the instructions and choose one of the project in engineering perspective.

The following Design Projects are assigned to the class. Select either of these two projects:

  1. Design Project I: New Load (page 404 in text)
  2. Design Project 2: NEW WIND GENERATION and GENERATION RETIREMENT (page 407 in text)


  1. You may work alone or in pairs of two students maximum.
  2. After selecting a project, a project plan of study should uploaded to this space by Wednesday, April 10th. It should outline your proposed project title, a small abstract of about 70 -100 words, a plan of work and expected outcomes (about 1 -2 pages).
  3. Read carefully all steps in the design procedure (evaluation of the project will be guided by adherence to these steps).
  4. The final report should have the following sections
  1. Title
  2. Abstract (or Summary)
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Analysis
  • Technical Analysis (conductor selection, contingency analysis, etc)
  • Economic Analysis (Construction Cost + Losses Cost {brought forward to the present}).

f. Conclusions

g. Appendix, (showing for example sample calculations on Excel)

v. A length of 10 – 15 pages should be reasonable for the report.

v.i I will post guidelines for the towers configuration and conductor selection shortly.

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