Writing in modern physics


I would like you to write me a paper 3 pages and 1 page you add the work citation about Dulong petit law, and Einstein’s Theory of Specific Heat. The book I am using is http://phy240.ahepl.org/ModPhy-Serway.pdf . Go to chapter 10 (page 352) and you will find the subject about Einstein’s Theory of Specific Heat. If you look in the book you will find Dulong petit law. Make sure you write and explain about those two laws. Make sure you bring me good sources related to the subject as well. Extend your work when you are talking about the subject and how the two theories are related to each other. No plagiarism please please please. I will check the work after you submit them. Add equation and insert them as if it shown in the book.
Good luck and show me good work.

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